The Specialized Brains

According to Dr.Temple Grandin’s 2006 “Thinking in Pictures,” expresses the importance for others (especially educators) to understand the different types of specialized brains.  Dr. Grandin notes that people on the autism spectrum think is specific details.

  • The three types of thinker are:
    • Visual Thinkers
    • Music & Math Thinkers
    • Verbal & Logic Thinkers

It so important for educators to deliver learning to all types of learners and build on the strengths of “all” students no just focus on the things they lack.  Most people are aware of their differences and areas of need so negative attention from those who are teaching us only cause embarrassment and frustration…so teachers do us a favor and focus on individual strengths in order to foster the development of a successful life long learner!


2 thoughts on “The Specialized Brains

  1. I hate to admit my own ignorance but this article was an eye-opener for me. I have understood the existence of Autism spectrum individuals for a long time, but did not sit down to read about the differences in thought in any detail.


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