The Importance of PKM!

I have been in a class recently that has forced me to step out of my comfort zone.

1) The first assignment was creating this blog in which it literally took me two weeks.  But well worth the time spent as it has exposed me to a new world.  Thanks to WordPress….I personally think my blog looks pretty good.

2)  I was then introduced to “Personal Knowledge Management Systems” or PKM’s.  It is a way to visually express and organize how an individual organizes their world around them.  It is important to develop a simplistic system in order to organize our busy professional and non-professional lives.  So here is mine for you below inclusive of my sort of calendar to help monitor myself and keep me on track…which is touch in our fast paced ever changing lives.  Just click on link and open to a new page.

NOTE:  Attempt #1:  This is how i felt when first attempting trying to do the graphics 🙂




THE REAL THING:  Monitoring System

EDD-703-PKM-Schedule & Evaluation sheet

The point…don’t give up!!!


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